Why trust a Helios broker?

The mission of the housing energy improvement broker is to connect individuals or companies who wish to carry out work with the building professionals best suited to their project.

Energy brokerage: a rigorous selection of companies.

HELIOS rigorously selects its partner companies.

Here are our selection criteria.

At least 2 years old.
Credit check.


Verification of expertise.
Up-to-date insurance.


Customer references on sites already completed


Helios consulting allows you to build reliable installation

The advantage for the customer is to have access to competent professionals, with the best quality/price/serious ratio.

For an individual: Find a serious entrepreneur.

You want to do some work, but you don’t know which company (s) to choose and contact?

It is true that there are many companies and that it can be difficult to make the right choice. The broker will then be your partner and will carry out all the steps for you, from the selection of reliable companies to the quotes that will be proposed to you.

In addition to the “classic” missions of a work broker, HELIOS includes many advantages for individuals

  • insured and audited companies
  • tailor-made support with a dedicated works expert
  • “successful completion of work” guarantee
  • penalties in the event of late delivery
  • secure payments
  • site inspections
  • assistance in the event of disputes….

For a professional: Find qualified customers.

Do you want to find new customers?

Using a Helios broker can be a solution to improve your turnover. A true business contributor, this brokerage professional will be a valuable ally in providing you with qualified clients.

In addition to bringing in new clients, the broker offers certain advantages to professionals:

  • structuring the client’s project upstream
  • provision of intuitive and free quotation and invoicing software
  • easy appointment planning
  • commission on signed quotation only
  • instant messaging to facilitate communication with your customers
  • secure payments and invoicing
  • exclusive advantages: discounts of up to -45% on major brands of solar heat pumps

The advantage for the customer is to have access to competent professionals, with the best quality/price/serious ratio.

What work can Helios brokers do?

Energy brokers can rely on their network of qualified professionals to carry out all types of installations:

  • Complete energy renovation of an apartment or house
  • Air conditioning, ventilation solar photovoltaic heat pump

Helios Broker: why do the companies in our company trust us?

The main advantage of a Helios broker is to save time for building professionals. In particular, it avoids the need for small companies to carry out commercial and marketing procedures that can quickly prove costly.

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All our contractors are audited (financial, legal, customer references, etc.) and have an average of 3 years’ experience.

Because we know that it is difficult to have access to the prices charged in the building sector and above all because we want to bring maximum transparency to the sector, we have developed an estimation tool based on the average price of 10,000 work references charged by our contractors. This is a first step to get an idea of the envelope needed for your renovation or construction. Once this is done, it is time to get to the heart of the matter and to specify this estimate by making a free estimate

Our certified contractors are audited upstream.

We select them rigorously and select only a small part of those who contact us to join our network.

Since the beginning, we have been committed to addressing the major issues faced by individuals when they carry out their work. Like the delivery time, for example, one of the biggest black spots on the construction sites. We therefore naturally decided to secure our contracts with a commitment from the contractor to penalties in the event of delay.

In addition, HELIOS has a mandate to provide services and secure financial flows that allows you to block your payments on an escrow account and only unblock them with your agreement.

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